I love a good list

I am someone who enjoys a good list, and I mean a proper one. I like the ones that are made by using pen and paper, not typing. I don’t know why, but I just find the actual act of writing something down physically with a writing implement, works far better for my mental state. […]

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‘What are your hobbies’

This is always my most dreaded question. It’s normally a question choice when being interviewed for a job, and I really don’t know why? Is it to show that you aren’t just some career drive lunatic and you do actually have a life once you step out of the office door? I am someone who […]

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My Blogging Reality

When I started this blog it was a small project to help me with my UCAS application. At the time I had just finished my application and had applied to all of the universities I wanted to go to (even though I didn’t actually want to go to university!) I had applied to do broadcast […]

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Today I am 25!

Today is my 25th birthday. A quarter of a century! It only feels like 5 minutes ago I was celebrating my 21st birthday, and even when I turned 21 I still felt like I was 18! I don’t know why, but 25 still seems like a milestone birthday, maybe it’s because I am now in […]

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Stuck in a rut.

I’m here again. I’m unmotivated. For the past few months I haven’t touched my blog or my Youtube channel. I go through phases of loving it and wanting to put out loads of content, and expressing my thoughts and feelings, but at this current moment in time I just can’t be bothered. I am a […]

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Whose beard is that?

A tribute to my wonderful Grandad who’s life we celebrated today. Whose beard is that? Why don’t you know? Its owner is quite happy though. Jokes and laughter, tricks and fun Sometimes for the bus he’d run! Whose beard is that? Why don’t you know? He makes all children’s faces glow With jibes to Grandma, […]

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