I went Christmas shopping with my cousin this week, it was really nice since I haven’t spent time with her in ages, and also I got all my shopping done! I’m really liking having my job, because it means I can spend more money on my friends, it feels nice to know that I’m not […]

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Singing sensation…

So we had youth band practice tonight and it went really well! We have some good songs lines up for our Christian outreach event at costa and I think everything is going to sound really good. It’s times like this when I really appreciate music and those who are just so talented! Also my best […]

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I received an offer!

So… I haven’t blogged in a while, BUT….I received an offer from Brighton University- Hastings Campus! I am so excited! I can’t believe I got an offer! I was really down when I didn’t get an offer from Bournemouth, but I’m thrilled to even be considered for Hastings 🙂 I’ve also been given an invitation […]

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