Back again!

So I have once again come back to my blog that I started 2 years ago now. I wonder how long my attention will last to it this time? So let’s start with the quick version of what i’ve been up to since my last post!

So I enrolled into university as a Broadcast Journalist and soon remembered how much I hated education, deadlines, and all the work that came with it! I was also missing home a lot, felt like I didn’t really fit in with the uni party lifestyle, and started to feel quite isolated. I then had some family stuff going on, and that just tipped me over the edge and I started to become depressed. I realised that uni wasn’t for me and I decided to leave after the first semester. This was a hard decision because I was so worried what everyone would think about me. But in all honestly I don’t regret making that decision at all. I am so glad that I left because my life has just been so much better since.

Then 3 months after leaving university I started to form a really close friendship with my friend Ryan and we soon became best friends and were more or less living in each others pockets, working together and then chilling out together. It was so nice to have such an easy friendship!

So 3 months after that I went on holiday to Turkey with my cousin Jazz. It really was a great holiday and I have so many funny memories and would really encourage everyone to have a holiday with their friends before going away with a girlfriend or boyfriend because it’s just something everyone has to experience! Then the day I got back I made a big decision in my life… I started a romantic relationship with Ryan, and I really couldn’t be happier! We have been together nearly a year and a half now, and he really has made my life so much more adventurous! He treats me like an absolute princess and I couldn’t ask for a better boyfriend, and the best thing about our relationship is that he’s my best friend as well. Which some people though was a bit weird at first, but honestly it’s true what they say, the best relationships start off as friends first!!

Well that’s enough of my ramblings for now. That was a quick summary of the key events that have happened in my life. Lets just hope I can think of something else for my next post and hopefully I won’t give up on it this time round.



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