The Hunger Games: Catching fire – review

So I went and saw Catching Fire the other week and it was fair to say that I was actually a little disappointed with them film. I would call myself a hardcore fan, but one who has been a bit lacking recently due to work and other such things. However, I really felt that it didn’t stay as true to the book as it could of. Don’t get me wrong, it was good. It just wasn’t what I was expecting it to be like. Considering this is my favourite book out of the series for me, I thought that the Hunger Games, was so true to the book, it was such an amazing film I couldn’t get enough of it. But with Catching fire I’m not at all bothered whether or not I go to watch it again at the cinema, or even buzzing for the DVD to come out.

I felt like the build up to the 75th Annual Hunger Games was longer than the actual time spent in the arena. I felt like there wasn’t much sense of time, or more to the point, it felt like they were in the arena for just over a day, when really it was a few days. Yes, the acting was exceptional, yes the characters were portrayed just like they are in the books, but I felt there were a few throw away comments in the film that most people wouldn’t understand if they hadn’t read the books. I think for me it just lacked detail. I know it must be so hard to cram in so much from a book, but if it had been me, there are definitely a few scenes I would have cut out so that I would then have been able to add more detail into other places. I am yet to read the books for the third time, but I am putting it off in fear that it will make me dislike the film even more than I already do!

Let’s just hope that Mockingjay is just done a bit better, hey!


4 thoughts on “The Hunger Games: Catching fire – review

    1. Possibly… I still think there needed to be more time in the actual arena, if I hadn’t of read the books I could deal with the lack of detail because I would have been none the wiser, but I still wanted more arena action!


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