What do I write?

So, the reason that I have given up with this blog for so many times before is because I lack creativity and never know what to write about! It always seems like a good idea to write a blog post but then when it comes to it I just seem to just stare at the blank screen with my hands hovering over the keyboard and twitching every so often, itching to write something down in the fear that they will become redundant.

So as I sit here eating my toast for dinner, I wonder… what actually makes a good blog post and how can I come up with something? Today’s post is clearly me just waffling on about blog posts and I’m sure the next one will be about something completely different because it seems that I don’t like something enough to have a theme for this blog. I don’t even have a hobby or interest that I could write about. (Does that make me the worlds most boring person? Probably.) (Also I can never remember if the full stop comes after or before the bracket, so I will try both for safe measure…).

Whilst writing this post I just has the misfortune to taste mould in my mouth, which makes me think the bread I was just eating needs to be thrown away before anyone else eats it and wretches just like I just have. (TMI I know but I’m trying to be interesting!)

I’m also probably at the stage where it’s too early to ask people “What shall I write about?” or “What would you like to read about in my posts?” Because realistically I probably only have one reader which is my friend Charlie and he has to suffer my jibber jabber on a weekly basis whenever I see him at work! But just on the off chance that someone else out there is reading my ramblings, I pose the question “What DO you want to read about?” because I really cannot keep staring blankly at the blank screen every time I come to write a post. Thanks!


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