Delish food eats!

This post is going to be dedicated to some of the best eats I have had.


The Rodeo Burger: A beef burger with bacon on a seeded bun. Served with curly fries and a side salad.


Home made Banoffee Pie: A hard biscuit base, topped with a caramel sauce, slices of banana, and the thickest whipped cream ever.


These ‘eats’ come from the delicious and affordable Bobby Jo’s.  I had my rodeo burger without the cheese and the BBQ sauce. I really would recommend this diner, the food is all freshly prepared and so tasty, and even better, so affordable!

Frankie and Benny’s Triple Club Decker. Toasted granary bread, filled with succulent chicken breast, crispy bacon, slices of tomatoes and lettuce. All served with house fries and a pot of coleslaw.


This has got to be my favourite dish of all time. The sandwich is toasted and full of tasty ingredients, would recommend this to all! (Unless you are a veggie of course!)

Wetherspoons breakfast: 2 slices of white toast, 3 sausages, 3 rashers of bacon, beans, 3 hash brows, 1 fried egg and a helping of beans.

This is the Large Breakfast at a whopping 1463 calories!


This normally comes with mushrooms and black pudding, but I don’t like either so I asked for extra sausage and bacon. I have tried quite a few breakfasts and this has got to be my favourite breakfast of all time! The only thing that puts me off is that the regulars at my local ‘spoons are quite colourful with their language, and the surroundings are sticky and it’s a bit dingy inside. Other than that, the food is delish!

Toby Carvery: The works! crispy roast potatoes, carrots, cabbage, turkey, stuffing, parsnips, a massive yorkshire pudding all drowned in vegetable gravy.




These portions make me look like such a greedy pig, but roast diner is my all time favourite meal, EVER! If I was on death row this is what I would ask for. I love tucking into a good roast, and Toby does the best! (After my grandma that is, she does the best home cooked roast).

Taco Bell: 2 crispy shelled tacos, filled with spicey beef, sour cream, lettuce and chopped tomatoes, accompanied by seasoned fries.


Taco Bell is my all time favourite fast food restaurant, ever. You can’t beat the american version, but this does the job nicely, my nearest one is in Lakeside, which is about a 45 minute drive, so I have to make sure I fill my boots whenever I visit! I normally have 3 beef hard shell tacos, with their seasoned fries. (The nachos were what my boyfriend had).

Tesco Party Food: Mini cocktail sausages, mozzerella ticks, spring rolls, garlic mushrooms, chicken wontons, prawn toast, mini garlic kievs and doughballs.


When i’m not feeling a proper dinner, I love the Tesco Party food range, my favourite bits are the chinese selection. The chicken wontons, prawn toast and spring rolls. Delish.

This was just a selection of my favourite eats, what are yours?


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