Christmas is coming!

So Christmas is coming and this makes me happy!!! I love, love, LOVE christmas. So I thought I would tell you what my favourite things about Christmas are.

The first thing I love about Christmas is putting the decs up. Well this is the thing. I thought I liked putting the decs up, but I did them the other day and I have realised I like the idea of putting them up more than I actually like putting them up. I think I enjoy the result, rather than the actual doing, but I still put them up and enjoyed myself, so I guess it wasn’t all that bad!I enjoy putting the decs up mainly because we listen to Christmas songs and all wear a santa hat and it’s just so Christmassy.

Another thing I love about Christmas is, FOOD As you know from previous posts I love food, and I am so excited to eat my Christmas dinner this year! This year I’m going to my boyfriends grandparents and i’m a bit nervous, not because i’m going to be at his grandparents, but because I have such a high expectation about Christmas and the food i’m worried the dinner won’t be how I like it, which is really sad! But I have been reassured that they do a really good one, so hopefully all will be fine!

The next thing I love is, PRESENTS! Not the actual getting presents, but the giving of presents! Probably everyone says this, but I actually love watching other people open the presents i’ve given them, it’s so much more fun than opening my own.

Another one of my favourite things is, slobbing around. There is no time awareness at my house on Christmas day, we just get up when we want (normally i’m up at 6 like a child waking my parents up much to their un-amusement, but it’s Christmas!). Then we all go down to open our presents, start munching on sweets and chocolate, then when we get hungry it’s breakfast time! Which is always a full english and is so yum! Then for the rest of the day we just chill, and do what we want. The last few years we have gone for a walk, which me and my brother have to be dragged to, but we go because it’s what you do at Christmas! Then we just watch TV and do nothing pretty much all day, then we start cooking dinner! We, unlike most people have ours in the evening at like 6 or 7 which is better because then we are full for the rest of the day and don’t have to eat anything else!

So this was probably just a badly thought out post that doesn’t really flow properly, but hey, as long as it makes sense to me, that’s all that matters! Heehee!

What do you all like about Christmas?


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