Happy New Year!

So I thought it would be appropriate for me to wish everyone a Happy New Year in my first post of 2014! Sorry that there has been a lack of blogging but I had writers block, and half the time I even forgot I had a blog, which is quite common for me as you already know! But really what I wanted to say in this post is that I had such a lovely Christmas period, seeing lots of family, and being really, really busy this Christmas, which isn’t the norm for me normally.

I spent half of it with my family and half of it with Ryan’s and there was a lot of driving involved (luckily Ryan did all the driving because he got a new car on the 23rd and he loves driving) which was a bit of a chore at times, but I got through it!

I have unfortunately started the new year with a stinking cold, which is partly my fault because I refuse to take paracetamol because I seem to think it’s ‘wimpy’ but really I should have just taken it in the first place because now I feel absolutely awful!

I hope everyone else had a lovely festive season, and I wish you all the best for 2014!


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