New Years Resolution!

So I decided this year I was actually going to make a New Year’s resolution or two! Normally I don’t make them because I see them as a waste of time because I never really stick to them and I don’t take them seriously. But time for change! I’ve decided to make two this year and hopefully I will be able to stick to them:

1. Stop swearing!
So as I come from a Christian household there has never been a lot of swearing in my house, and when I was younger I didn’t want to swear either. I actually used to feel really awkward swearing and I would never do it, I would instead replace the words with something silly and light hearted for comical value, and just because I didn’t want to say the words themselves. So for most of my High School days I would say ‘flap’ a lot! But then I guess I started swearing to fit in, which sounds really stupid, but I suppose I just wanted to be seen as normal, but I would only swear if I was really angry or really upset, which wasn’t too bad at first. But now I have found my self swearing at the most stupid of things, for instance if I drop something I don’t say ‘whoops’ or anything like that, I just jump straight to a swear word, which I’m really not happy about. So! Me and my boyfriend have decided we are going to have a swear jar, and every time we swear we have to put 50p in the jar. Well we’re 4 days in and I already owe the jar £5 and he owes it £6.50! But hopefully as time goes on we will have got in the habit to stop and it will get a lot easier!

2. Get more organised!
So I am sick to death of having a messy room, and feeling really unorganised in life! So I have decided I want to de-clutter my life and make some positive changes, and the best way to do that is to get organised. I started this the other day, but what my plan is, is to section by section, clear out all of the stuff in my room that I have been hoarding and just chuck it out! I am quite a ruthless person, but only when I have kept something for a while, so I might tidy my room, come across something and think oh I need to keep that. That thing will then go untouched until I next go to sort out my room and that’s when I chuck it away. What I really need to do is to get in the habit of just chucking things away straight away, because the fact is, I really don’t need half the stuff i’ve kept! So to help me do this i’m looking into getting some more storage for my room. But you may be thinking ‘surely that’s just a way for her to keep more stuff?!’ that is where you are wrong. At the moment I have a large set of 4 drawers, but these are 4 deep drawers, which make it easier for me to just fill with junk. What I am looking to get is something that has more drawers, but, they are a lot slimmer, so I can organise things in better categories, and if it doesn’t fit in the smaller drawers, that is then where I ask myself, ‘Do I really need this?’ and hopefully the answer will be ‘No.’

So let’s see how I get on! Has anyone else got any New Years resolutions?


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