Three Girls and a Baby- Rachel Schurig *Review*

*This contains spoilers*


So, I recently treated myself to the Kindle Paperwhite and I absolutely love it! I have always loved reading, however since i’ve been working full time and since being with Ryan I haven’t really had time to sit down and read, or I have just found other things to do to busy my free time. So I thought that if I bought a Kindle it would make me read again, and so far so good! Since having the Kindle for a little over a week now I have managed to read 2 books, and i’m already on my third! So I thought I would take this time to review the last book I finished reading, here it goes…


So overall I would rate this 3/5 stars. I have decided to give it that rating, because honestly, the book was pretty predictable! Okay, it’s a Chick-Lit and you can’t really expect a lot from it but I think there have been so many other books with romance in that have been a lot better!

The main plot for this book is about a girl who fell in love with her High School sweetheart, then the usual happens where they break up and she’s so heart broken, then she falls pregnant after having one last night with him. When she finds out she puts off telling him and when she finally decides to tell him she can’t get through to him because he has changed his number and moved away. Anyway, to cut a long story short, she ends up having the baby and starts raising him on his own, and then in true Chick-Lit style, he comes back into her life and the end up getting back together. Now that is something that really annoyed me about this book. During the course of the book the main character (Ginny) grows up a lot, matures a lot and basically just proves to herself that she is a strong independent woman, which is fabulous! But then the book really let me down when she got back together with her ex. Fair enough I would have liked to see him come back into her life to meet his child, but I think it’s a bit unrealistic for them to get back together.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good read because it has quite a few laughs in it (maybe not laugh out loud but it did make me smile!) and is generally a good book, but it’s not one of the best books I have read. Saying that though, I am continuing with the series by reading the next book ‘Three Girls and a Wedding’, so I will let you know what I think of that!



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