Three Girls and a Wedding- Rachel Schurig *Review*

*This contains spoilers*

So I finished reading this book yesterday, and just like the first book, I wasn’t overly impressed. You might be thinking ‘why did she read it if she didn’t really like the first book?’ and the answer to that is this… I am one of those people that if they have read something that is in a series, or have watched something in a series or has a sequel, I feel obliged to read/ watch the others just to give it a chance and to see what actually happens.

The problem I had with this book that it was in Jen’s perspective. It didn’t bother me it was Jen, because I quite liked her character, but for the first few chapters of the book I was still reading it as if Ginny was telling the story which made it a bit confusing for me! One of the things I did like though was that you found more out about Jen. In the first book she comes across as this well put together business woman, who know shwta she wants and can take complete control of a situation. But in this book it showed me that she did have stuff she was hung up about on as well. She wasn’t one of these characters which is so unrealistic, and makes you feel crappy because you wonder why you aren’t perfect like she is. You could see she actually was human!

However, like the first book, it was very predictable.  She meets a character called Matty in this book, and from the first scene he was in you could just tell she was going to get together with him. There was another guy involved, Jason. Who you thought at first might be the one she got together with (in the first chapter, after that you realise the author most definitely wouldn’t put her with that pig!). However, in the book she did end up going on a few dates with Jason, much to my annoyance because it’s the typical situation of a smart clever woman, getting together with an egotistical, chauvinistic pig!

All in all I would rate this book a 3/5. It wasn’t the best, but again it is one of those light reads that you can actually relax whilst reading, which is often a lot nicer than reading quick time because you are desperate to find out whats going to happen, however by doing this you often don’t fully concentrate on the minor details.

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