Update on my life!

So today was a very nerve racking day for me as I had my sign on interview to become a line manager at my place of work (Tesco). I found the build up to the day a lot more nerve racking than the actual interview itself, which is normally the way I am. There were three parts to the interview and it took about three hours in total! (There was a lot of waiting around in between). The first part was a role play in which I was given 20 minutes to prepare for my scenario then 20 minutes to actually discuss what I would do in the situation. The next part was a one-to-one interview where they basically asked me about my Tesco career, what roles I had done and what experiences I had had and how I had dealt with them, and the final part was a group discussion where we were given 4 problems and we all had to discuss them and come to an agreement on how we would solve them all.

I found out my results not long after getting back to my store, and was gobsmacked to find out that I had passed with 100%!!! I was then told that because I had score so highly I had been identified as a Future Leader of Tesco! and that they are going to fast track me with my management training, so I could be a manager in a matter of months!

This has definitely given me the confidence boost I needed, and I am just so proud of how well I have done, and I can’t wait to get stuck into my training!

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