I’ve done it again!

It seems that every other post I put on her is an apology for the fact that I haven’t posted in a while. I swear I have a disease where I just forget to post things on my blog!

SO! The topic about this blog post is my 21st birthday!!! I turned 21 on the 27th of April and had such a busy weekend, it really was lovely. I kicked off the celebrations on the 24th of April by getting my nails done! (this was a present from my boyfriends parents). It’s safe to say, typing with tips on your nails in an art I have not yet mastered! Then on the friday me and my boyfriend went to see McBusted! (Will be posting a separate blog post on this) It was the best night of my life and the best concert I have ever been to! I don’t think Ryan really understood what I meant when I said it was going to be lots of screaming girls (my vocal chords were in pain for the next few days). Whilst there he bought me a tour t-shirt, which I love and we went for dinner at Jimmy’s World Grill. Then on the 26th I had a big family party, where I had 30+ guests and was so worn out afterwards! On my actual birthday my dad was really ill 😦 but I still managed to have a good day, and he was such a trooper. We went to London to look around the olympic park, and took a stroll through Westfields, then we came home and went out for dinner to T.G.I Fridays. I was absolutely spoilt rotten. Ryan bought me a beautiful Pandora bracelet with 4 Charms, my mum and dad gave me some money towards my holiday to Turkey in June, they are paying for a skydive!! I also got lots of other lovely bits from friends and family.

So, sorry for such a delay in posts, I will try and post a bit more frequently 😀


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