McBusted- Omfg Tour 2014

**This may contain spoilers**


It was THE best night ever!!! I felt like I was 11 years old again, screaming my head off like a nutter, in total awe of 6 men. I saw McBusted on the 25th April at the London O2 arena, and let me just tell you it was such a well performed show! They kicked off the show with a VT about them “going back to the future” which then involved James and Matt descending onto the stage in a car from the ‘Back to the future’ film. What an epic way to enter! They started by singing Air hostess which was one of my all time favourite songs. Half way through the show they all went off stage for like an intermission where they showed us another VT. After said VT the 6 of them then descended into the middle of the arena on nothing less but a UFO! They all had flashing guitars, Harry (drummer) was on a turntable and they came down singing star girl. After a few songs on the UFO they went back to the stage and were shot up from underneath to the track beginning of Thunderbirds.

Most of the set list were Busted songs, which I wasn’t complaining about because I was a hardcore Busted fan, and back in the day I hated McFly because I thought they were copying Busted! (I came to my senses and went to see McFly 2 years ago at Hammersmith Apollo). They finished the set withYear 3000 where they had an inflatable triple breasted bosom hanging above the stage, which was a great stage prop.

During the show they had many awesome props such as a T-shirt gun, which was pretty awesome! A McBusted sign which was lit up in flames, and Matt also came on stage wearing a wedding dress for Crashed the wedding.

All in all, it was such an amazing performance, and I am so glad I was able to go and relive my childhood all over again. It’s also safe to say Ryan did enjoy himself, and he’s now no longer a concert virgin, yay!

Here are a few pictures (sorry about the quality!)




\IMG_0282 IMG_0308




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