The bubbling pot.

So, from one of my previous posts ‘I’ve got a problem’ you can see I have a lot of anger inside me. That quite frankly just isn’t good for me and this is where the inspiration for this post comes from.

The Bubbling Pot

I seem to have this issue. An issue where I bubble inside. I have great difficulty calming down, and tend to carry anger on for hours and sometimes even days. I can go to bed full of rage and the next day I will still be shaking with anger. This cannot be healthy. I have decided to describe myself as the bubbling pot. I am someone who can get angry and I start to simmer, I don’t move on quickly, I hold onto that moment in time that made me angry. Then something else will come along and because I haven’t let go of the previous anger, I start to simmer a bit more.

I may not always be vocal when something has upset me, but apparently (so I’ve been told) my body language says it all. Someone will ask me how I am, to which I will reply “I’m fine.” Which is when I start to get funny looks, because clearly my body language is telling them I’m annoyed.

So back to the pot. At first you only see it simmering. It’s quite, there’s only really visual signs. But if you keep it on the heat, or in my case keep on adding more annoyance then that’s when finally, the lid is pushed off and all of the contents start over flowing out of the pot. And that’s what happens to me. I keep simmering and simmering until I can’t keep calm anymore and I just blow! It get angry, and my attitude just becomes juvenile. And the silly thing is, the thing that makes me blow probably isn’t even that bad, but where I’ve held onto so much stuff, I just unleash all the anger inside of me, which then brings out my fiery personality.

However, since my last post I have actually decided I want to start controlling this ‘problem’ because quite frankly I can’t take it anymore!

I’ll let you know how I get on!


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