So for me, (like many others) I use YouTube for when I am seriously bored, or for when I need to be doing important things, then I use it as a form of procrastination. YouTube to me is still something really, really cool, and I think it was such a good idea, so whoever invented it, kudos to you! I still remember the first video I watched on Youtube, and I just cannot believe YouTube has only been around for 9 years! I can’t imagine  life without it now! It’s just so useful!

I like to watch a different variety of video, (and I will post my favourite channels at the end of this blog post) but mainly I like to watch beauty and fashion videos. I don’t know why because I am not even a girly girl, I’m not al into beauty and make-up, or wearing the latest trends, but I think for me it’s an insight to something I would like to be interested in, if I wasn’t so money focused. For me I find it really hard to spend money on myself and a lot of the make up products they talk about, to me, seem like an unnecessary expense, but hey that’s just me!

My mum always asks me, why do you watch this videos? and my response? I just think i’m nosey! I like to see what peoples lives are like and its sort of like an escape for me.

Since pretty much watching all y favourite YouTubers religiously, it got me thinking, maybe I should have a channel? But my problem is I don’t really have a hobby, or an interest that I would be able to make videos about, and I am so uncreative I would run out of idea’s to film about, because let’s be honest, you all know how much I struggle to put up a new blog post, and at least with blogging I can make a draft and edit it, but with videos I tend to ramble and go off point and I also hate the sound of my voice! I don’t realise how common I sound until I film myself and play it back. Now I understand people when they say wow you really do sound like you’re from Essex (which isn’t exactly a compliment).

So anyway, these are my favourite YouTuber’s. I hope you enjoy (sorry there isn’t a lot for boys!)








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