The Glad Game

When I was younger one of my favourite films to watch at my grandmas house was ‘Pollyanna’. In the film Pollyanna was known for always being a positive girl and she played ‘The glad game’. The idea of the game was to find something you could be glad about in a bad situation. So for example your car may have broken down, however you were glad that you were able to afford a car in the first place.

So, I was at work when I got the idea for this post. Where I work we pick peoples shopping for then and at the beginning of the day it tells you how many trolleys we have to pick. We started with 140 trollies, which is ALOT! So today when I asked how many we had left someone groaned and said 43. So I said, well we may have 43 left but that means we’ve nearly completed 100!

Something as simple as that can turn a negative into a positive. So I challenge you. This week when you feel negative try and turn it into a positive 🙂


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