I don’t know where I’m going!

So today I attended a Women in Business Workshop with my place of work. At the moment my company is putting a real push on trying to get more female members of staff into management positions.

At the work shop we had a speech from our Operations manager (our store managers boss’s boss). After the speech we broke for lunch and on the lunch hour I got a chance to talk to him. When speaking to him he asked me and my colleague what our plan for the future was, where did we want to be after we became managers? Now for me, I don’t exactly know. I want to be a store manager but after that I don’t know. Most people would see that as a hindrance. If you don’t know what you want to do you must be unprepared. However for me, I see it as a positive (I’m playing The Glad Game). If I don’t know what I want to do that means my possibilities are endless and I won’t see as much disappointment. To me, if I have a goal that means if I can’t reach my goal I would have failed. However, if I instead choose a general direction I can change my mind or adapt what I want to do to fit around my life. That’s not to say I’m just going to Coast along. I will have a goal, but I won’t narrow it down. Basically I’m keeping my options open. Which in this case is a good thing.

So the message is, don’t be so hard on yourself if you don’t know what you want to do. Not many people know what they want to do, especially at my age. And we’re so lucky that we are able to go from job to job these days, we don’t have to pick one career and stick to it for the next 50 years. We are the lucky ones, so just remember that!


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