Once upon a time…

I was a university student. I attended the University of Brighton at the Hastings campus. I was a Broadcast journalist. Albeit it was only for three months. But in those three months I was a university student. Why only three months you might ask? Well the story goes like this…

When at school I had never really had a firm career choice, of course like any child I wanted to be a number of things; a hairdresser, an actress, a model. But I had never really thought of something that I really wanted to do for the rest of my life. That was until I started my GCSE’s. For my GCSE’s I took RE, Media Studies, Drama, ICT and Food Technology (a long with all the others that were mandatory). My favourite one was my Media Studies course. After finishing my GCSE’s I went on to do A- Level at the newly built Sixth Form at my school, where I continued to do Media Studies. At my Sixth Form there was a big push for everyone to apply to university. Something I had never wanted to do, and never really been interested in. Neither of my parents went to university and they’ve done well for themselves so I never really thought about it. However, like I said my Sixth Form encouraged everyone to apply. So I did.

Over the last year of studied, I really hated being at Sixth Form. I found the lessons hard, and I didn’t put as much effort in because I was finding it all so confusing. So when I got my results, I really wasn’t that disappointed with them because it reflected the amount of work I had put in.  However, my Media result was of course my best. I had decided that I wasn’t going to go to uni unless I got my first choice, and with the grades I got I was pretty sure I wouldn’t have got in anyway. I didn’t bother signing into the UCAS website straight away. I didn’t want to go to uni anyway. But I thought I better log on anyway to give my back up place away to someone who was desperate to get in.

I went to my friends house with my other friend who had been given her results, and my friend who was receiving her first years results. It was then that I decided to log onto the Ucas website. As I was trying to log in my friends were laughing and joking about how wouldn’t it be funny i I did, get in, and it would be a sign from God that I should go. So I said ‘Ok if I get in (which is highly unlikely) I will be obedient and go to university. What harm could it do? It was pretty much certain that I wouldn’t be going.

When I finally logged in, to my utter shock and amazement the website was telling me I had managed to get into my first choice at uni. I was stunned. But I was also happy?! Where had this emption come from? I didn’t want to go. I had pretty much told everyone I wasn’t going to go. I hadn’t applied for student finance. I hadn’t organised accommodation. How the heck was I meant to be packing myself off to uni in less than 2 months?!

With that I rang my mum. The conversation went a little like this:

Me (Holly): Hi mum it’s me.

Mum: Are you ok?

H: Yeah i’m a bit in shock, and you’re going to be as well.

Mum: Is everything ok?


(with that I heard her talking to my dad in the background, she was getting all excited).

*Two months pass*

So off to uni I went!


To be continued…


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