A sisters love.

For once I didn’t forget about my blog, I just didn’t have any inspiration! However today something came to mind so i’ll go with that. Today I spent the afternoon with my brother. I don’t get to spend much time with him these days. Mainly because as we’re getting older we’ve got our own lives […]

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Fake it till you make it

This week has been a really though week for me. Emotionally and mentally. It’s gotten to the point where the littlest thing, and even silly things push me to tears. I don’t know how many times this week i’ve brimmed up, but what I do know is that it wasn’t good for me. Yes, it’s […]

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Happily ever after…

So after my ordeal of 3 months of university I was finally home. I settled in nicely and transferred back to my old store. Life was good again. Of course I had lots of people asking me why I had left and was I sure? But it had just felt like the right thing to […]

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The plot thickens.

So my whirlwind to get to university was crazy. I had so much to do. I organised my student finance as quick as possible, but the accommodation was going to be harder. There was no way I was going to get into halls, so I started contacting local churches in the area to see if […]

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