Music makes the world go around.

For me, music is something that can transport me to another time. There are so many memories that are triggered in my mind just by listening to different songs. Music can alter my emotions. There are certain songs that will take me back to a memory and I will start to feel those emotions I was feeling at that time. We are so lucky to have music. It really is something that we don’t appreciate as much as we should.

Don’t get me wrong, i’m not one of these people where my iPod is glued into my ears, or I have to have music playing 24/7. I am just someone who enjoys all types of music. Of course I must have music playing when i’m in the car on my own. I must take my iPod with me when I’m on holiday. I must have music when I exercise. The exercise one is very important to me. I have different playlists on my iPod. The most important one for me is my Workout play list. It’s compiled of feel good music, or what I like to call Euphoric music. It gets me in the mood. It’s there to spur me on, to get me to push myself.

Music is a very powerful thing yet so simple. Have you ever wondered why we can remember all the lyrics to a song, yet we forget formulas or facts for our exams? I have always wondered why this is. Sometimes when revising I used to create a song to help me remember things for my exams, and sure enough it would work.

Here i’m going to give you a few of the songs that I have memories linked to:


Drifting away: Faithless- This reminds me of driving down to Walton with Ryan’s family.

Wonderful: Angel-  I listened to this every morning in New York whilst waking to the Subway.

Here in you arms: Hello Goodbye– This reminds me of my friend Courtney and the day we went to the beach.

Where have you been: Rihanna– This reminds me of when me and Ryan first got together.

Levels: Avicii- This is the first song I played in my car the day I passed my driving test.

Tidal wave: Sub focus- This is one of my workout songs, it always gets me in the mood!

Whistle: Flo Rida– This reminds me of my first holiday abroad with my cousin

Can you think of certain songs that remind you of a place/time/event? Let me know what you’ve got!


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