A sisters love.

For once I didn’t forget about my blog, I just didn’t have any inspiration! However today something came to mind so i’ll go with that.

Today I spent the afternoon with my brother. I don’t get to spend much time with him these days. Mainly because as we’re getting older we’ve got our own lives and I work full time and he’s been working and at college full time so our paths never really crossed that often. Our afternoon was spent shopping at our local shopping centre for some last minute holiday bits for him, and as he can’t drive and I am his style guru I decided I would take him.

It was really nice to just have some time as the two of us, joking and laughing, having conversation, just doing normal sibling things. But the moment I realised I wanted to blog about him was when we were on the way back to the car. I could hear some music playing and I asked him if he thought it was live music or something being played over the loud speakers. When we rounded the corner it was revealed that it was live music, and they happened to be playing for charity. As I had no loose change I was ready to stroll past when I noticed my brother getting his wallet out. Immediately I felt so proud of him. But even prouder when I saw how much he put it. I won’t share with you how much, and some of you may think it wasn’t a lot. But regardless of the amount he put in, I knew it was a big sum of money to him. especially as he only works one day a week and has to pay for his bus fare to college out of it.

The best thing about my brother is that he doesn’t give money to others to make himself feel good, he does it to make a difference to those in need. Quite often he will put money in the tithe basket at church, or I remember one year he bought a goat for an deprived family abroad so they could sell the goats milk and make a living. He really is such a generous person.

His generosity didn’t stop there though. The little sweetie pie took me out for lunch, and as the older sibling I often find it very hard not to mother him and it was so hard accepting his payment, but it did brighten up my day.

Don’t get me wrong, he can be a pain in the butt, but at the end of the day he’s my pain in the butt and I wouldn’t swap him for anyone else.


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