and so it was made official!

I have recently arrived back from my family holiday in Turkey, and all I can say is that it was the best holiday ever! Mainly for one reason…




Whilst away me and Ryan celebrated 2 years of being together which was lovely, but I had no idea that he would ask me to be his wife! Looking back now it was so obvious that it was going to happen!

Now for the long-awaited story…

It started with all 5 of us having our dinner together at the hotel restaurant. We did this every evening we were there. Me and Ryan had already planned that we were going to go for a walk on the beach to celebrate our 2 years together which had happened a few days before. So we wave off our family and off we went.

On our walk Ryan had insisted on bringing his rucksack with him with a bottle of water ‘incase we got thirsty’ I just thought he was being over the top because the hotel was literally only a ten minute walk away, we hadn’t even left the complex! (It was actually his hiding place for the ring!). So on our sunset stroll we walked along the deck to where you could see the waves crashing up against the rocks. After looking out at the sea for a while, Ryan said he was going to get a drink from the bag and just left me to it. When he came back over he was being really weird! Nothing crazy just didn’t seem himself. I leant in for a cuddle which is when I could feel his heartbeat racing. I asked if he was ok and then it happened.


“Yes” I replied.

“I have something to ask you” Ryan is now rummaging in his pocket. It’s clicked. I realise the moment has arrived. My hand flies to cover my mouth where I start getting emotional. In what seems like a split second he’s down on one knee and asking me if I will marry him!

By this point I’m properly crying now, I’m just nodding with my hand over my mouth. He’s looking a bit worried at this point. I put out my hand to receive the ring on my finger, and fling my arms around his neck, still crying! I reassure him that I’m not upset, I’m just happy!

It really was such a magical moment, and I have never felt the way I did before. It was a mixture of shock, excitement, and a little bit of nervousness all rolled into one!

I cannot wait to get properly stuck into my wedding plans, and before I know it I will be a wife!


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