So recently I’ve really been thinking about my upcoming wedding. For the last few months I’ve still been in the ‘OH MY GOSH I’M GETTING MARRIED!’ phase, where I’m just so excited to be getting married and planning the whole day and having the fairytale I’ve always dreamed of. But now I’m in the ‘Oh.My.Gosh. I’m actually getting married, I’m gonna be a wife, what does that actually mean, I’m going to be growing up, and have to be all adult and have big responsibilities’ phase!

When I was younger I couldn’t wait to grow up, I was so excited to be 18 and run my own life and be in charge, but now I’m 21 and getting married, I’m feeling a little bit like Peter Pan. I want to go to Neverland and never grow up, I don’t want big responsibilities, because that means if I choose something it’s all down to me, no one else’s fault but my own. Eek!

I am of course so, so, so happy to be getting married, but obviously it wouldn’t be normal if I didn’t have any nerves or worries about what the future holds.

But the best thing about this wedding is that I’m marrying my best friend. Someone I can be silly with and act like a kid and just have a general laugh and muck about with. Essentially, yes I will need to grow up as this is one of the biggest steps I’m going to be making in my life, but at least I’m going into this next chapter with someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously, so that way we kind of are in our own little Neverland.



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