Bloggers block…

If you have been following my post for a while you will realise that this happens to me quite often. I have a spell where I am so up to date with my blog, I have ideas coming out of my ears, and then all of a sudden… NOTHING.

I often suffer with writers block, or I have ideas I just don’t think they’re interesting enough. I often find my own work boring, I have never actually been proud of a post I’ve written, which is pretty sad to be honest. For someone that got an A in english, it seems silly that I find it such a struggle to write. I understand the not being proud of my work, because I am my biggest critic. I often go back and read my blog post and think what a load of drivel!

I think I find it hard because I don’t really have a hobby or an interest. I have the wedding stuff but I’m running out of stuff to write about the closer it gets to the big day, because well, there’s not really that much to say or tell you now.

Myself and Ryan, have however started a youtube channel, and if you haven’t already you can check it out here. I am enjoying having a creative outlet, but I’m getting vloggers block too! Which is why I thought I would revisit my blog, to try and keep myself busy and motivated.

I think it’s important that I have something to keep myself busy with, other than the wedding plans, because they can get so overwhelming at times.

Sorry that this was such a weird post, and probably not of much interest to most of you, but if you did enjoy it, feel free to let me know, or if you have any tips for blogging/vlogging or any hobby ideas for me, let me know!


One thought on “Bloggers block…

  1. I understand where you’re coming from. I suffer from writers block as well in the same sense. I go crazy for a couple of weeks and then fizz out where I can’t even write a single post. Takes me a while but then I’m back to myself. I think it’s burnout.


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