Marriage 101

So it’s been almost a year of being Mrs Legg and I really don’t know where that year has gone! I’ve learnt so many things since being a wife and living with someone and thought I would let you all know what I’ve learnt and some tips for living with someone!

  1. Choose your battles- when you live with someone you find out all their annoying habits, and you also find out your own! Apparently I’m not as easy to live with as I thought, which was a bit of a shock to me at first! So you really need to decide on what annoying things your other half does you’re going to live with forever and just move on, or you’re going to have a conversation with them about trying to change that annoying habit!
  2. Sharing is hard!- Whether it be your bed, money or mainly in my case food! I always liked to think I was good at sharing, and I like to think that I still am, but it just feels a lot harder when you love with someone and you’re married because you don’t get a break from it. The hardest thing me and Ryan find to share is definitely food! We both love food and don’t give it up easily, especially sweets!
  3. The housework is never ending!- I swear all we do in our house is wash up and do clothes washing yet there is always a big mountain of both! It also seems that neither of us like doing those jobs so these mountains grow and grow until it gets to the point when there needs to be some order to the house and it all needs to be done!
  4. Feeling loved- I’ve learnt that different people feel loved in different ways. For instance Ryan feels loved if I am affectionate towards him and I feel loved if he does some housework when I’m at work! The hardest thing is remembering to do what the other person needs. So when I do loads of washing up I can’t expect Ryan to feel so loved because he feels loved when I give him affection and vice versa!
  5. Communication is key!- you’re going to have a lot of disagreements and a lot of awkward conversations and sometimes there will even be tears! But you have to make sure you communicate! If you don’t things will get worse and before you know it, it all spirals out of control and you start squabbling over everything!
  6. And finally, put God at the centre!- me and Ryan have both found that when we try and do things in our own strength and just become complacent and forget to include God in our life things are a lot harder. A big thing about Christian marriage is about 2 becoming one, but more importantly it’s about having the third strand in the relationship and putting him first in everything we do!

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