Sugar addiction?

As most of you may know, we are now in the season of Lent. From Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday, a lot of people give something up for lent. I myself have never done this. In my faith lent is not compulsory, I do not have a ritualistic religion, I have a relationship with God that does not require me to follow different rituals.

A lot of people who are not Christians also take part in Lent. As a way of giving something up that they know is bad for them, or to challenge themselves.

I, myself have decided to give up sweets. Now for someone who has never taken part in Lent you may be thinking, “why now then?”. Well in answer to your question it is for this reason: I feel that I was starting to get a sugar addiction.

There has been a lot in the media over the last year or so about how they now believe sugar can be as addictive as some drugs. There have been documentaries on this and many articles written. They are now also finding that cancer feeds off of sugar and many people are giving up bad sugars in a way to slow cancerous cells from spreading.

I wouldn’t go as far to say I was addicted to sweets, but it was definitely becoming a problem. I am normally quite good at turning sweets and chocolate down, listening to my body and knowing that ‘I don’t need it’. Well in the last few weeks I have been feeling like I did need it. Not WANT it, but actually NEED it. That’s when I knew it was a problem.

I would find myself thinking ‘shall I pop to the shop on the way home and get some sweets?’ Normally I would tell myself ‘no I don’t need them’ but I was finding that the more I asked myself that question the less times I would answer myself with ‘no’. It even got to the point where I would send Ryan out just before the shops were closing, because I ‘needed my fix’ and would quite gladly eat them whilst in bed!

I am also in a position where I want to take better care of my finances so spending £10 a week on sweets wasn’t really helping!

That’s why I’ve decided to give them up for lent. I knew I just had to go cold turkey because if I didn’t I would slip back into my sugar cravings! I need to break the bad habit that I’m starting to form, and take control back over my sugary desires! So far I’ve done really well, I’ve only craved them once and that was only when I saw someone else eating them!

I’ll let you know how I feel once Easter has arrived! Hopefully I would have solved the problem and not just want to go on a massive binge on good Friday!

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