Did I beat my sugar addiction?

So for those of you who have read my previous blog posts, you will know that I gave up sweets for lent, and let me tell you, those were the longest six weeks of my life!

For me, if I know I can’t have something it makes me want it more. Don’t get me wrong, there were times when I didn’t even think about sweets, but then there were times when that was all I could think about. The hardest times for me with my borderline sweet addiction were the evenings (especially when I was home alone) and when other people were eating them in front of my.

You might be disappointed to know that since lent has been over, yes I have had sweets, I haven’t given them up completely, but I have noticed a big change in the way I deal with cravings.

Lent has taught me what I pretty much should have already known. You can overcome cravings. For just over 6 weeks I was not allowed sweets, so when I faced a craving I just had to suck it up and either opt for something else, or just distract myself. So since lent has been over I can only name four occasions where I have eaten sweets, which in 2 weeks is really good for me (considering I was eating them on the daily before). It has helped me not to give into temptation, which is really helpful, because of two key factors;

1) It stops me from filling my body with sugar which according to research can feed cancerous cells in your body, rots your teeth, and is just generally bad for you!
2) It saves me money! Before I was spending up to £10 a week on sweets which over the year could add up to a whopping £520! Now that is some serious money being spent on sweets!

It hasn’t just helped me with my sugar cravings, but my craving in general. If I really get the urge for something I just think to myself, “No. I proved to myself that I could overcome my sweets cravings, therefore I will be able to overcome [insert craving here].

Basically, I have realised I have a lot more self control that I realised, I just need to put my mind to it, which in my books is a step in the right direction!

2 thoughts on “Did I beat my sugar addiction?

  1. Congratulations on giving up sugar for Lent especially coming from a daily sugar habit like you had. Sugar is definitely bad for you. As I’ve had bulimia and anorexia from the age of 7 7 years ago I gave up sugar and high fat food as part of the food programme of Overeaters Anonymous. This immediately halted the bulimia and I have not made myself sick since July 2009. But because my eating disorder seemed so stable I re-introduced small quantities of sugar and high fat food into my diet. When I did the Alpha course on Christianity there was a weekly meal involving sugar and I started eating sugar 3 or 4 times a week again. It was a nightmare giving it up after that I went totally crazy so I really relate to your post. Then I started having “special occasion” sugar again. But on Easter Day I ate sugar and it triggered the first bulimic binge I have had for 7 years I just went crazy on sugar and high fat food. So I’ve had to cut out the high sugar foods again. My eating disorder is in recovery not cured I still need to be very mindful what I eat.

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    1. Wow! Well done you! Overcoming something like that is amazing! It’s crazy what sugar does to our bodies! So glad there is more research going on to enable us to educate ourselves about our sugar intake. Yes one of my favourite buts about Alpha was all the yummy food! Haha


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