I’m wide awake!

Have you ever been so tired you literally feel like a zombie? You can walk and talk but it just feels like you’re in a constant daze? Well that was me this time last year! 

Every morning I woke up and felt like I hadn’t slept a wink which was weird, because chances are I had been in bed for at least 9 hours! I would have work at 6am so I would go to bed at around 9pm, so I would be getting around 8 hours sleep, which is pretty much what a 21/22 year old needs, Yet still waking up tired! I tried less sleep, I tried more sleep. I tried having a nap when I got home from work… Which then turned into a 4 hour sleep! So pretty much every day I was getting 12 hours of sleep! Yet still tired?!

Well About 2 years ago  I had had enough of being tired all the time and decided to go to the doctor. After explaining everything and going for various tests I was ‘diagnosed’ with a B12 deficiency. Which can mean 2 things; either I’m not eating enough food with the B12 vitamin in or I’m eating enough but my body isn’t absorbing it properly. Mine was the latter, because even after taking those multivits you can get for this sort of thing my b12 count was still very low, it was actually the lowest my doctor had ever seen! Lower than 200 is seen as a deficiency and mine was around the 80mark!

So I stared having injections, I had to have them every 3 months, (which by the way are the most painful injections I have ever had!) and let me tell you, I definitely knew when I was due one! I would try and not have a reminder in my diary for when I was due an injection as I wanted to see if it was having a placebo effect. It wasn’t. So off I went to the docs every 3 months to get my fix so I could feel a little human again!

However, for about the last 6 months I haven’t needed a single injection! I have put it down to having less stress and anxiety in my life (but I couldn’t say for sure) that my body is able to function properly and release everything it’s meant to, to give me the energy I need. (I haven’t changed my diet/ exercise intake). It is actually pretty amazing that these days, for the first time ever, Ryan has been falling asleep before me and requesting that we go to bed! Normally it was the other way round!

 Gone are the days when I would be so shattered I would be begging for my bed at 6pm! I have a new lease of life! I can stop clock watching if I’m out in the evening and I don’t have to turn down plans for an evening out through fear of being so zombie-fied the next day. 

I am happy to say that I have got my life back and I’m enjoying being able to function on less than 12 hours of sleep!


2 thoughts on “I’m wide awake!

  1. Excellent news that your sleep is now working for you and that you don’t need the injections any more! I think stress is a major part of feeling tired and am glad you have been able to reduce this negative element in your life. When I was working for the BBC and had to be at work at 7am I never slept properly probably because I was so frightened of not waking up on time as I am not an early morning person. I would be practically catatonic all day at work and then when I finished at 4.30/5 would go home and crash for a long nap. I felt terrible pretty much all the time I was at work. When I became freelance and in charge of my own schedule my sleep definitely improved. Although I did then become addicted to cocaine because of my mother’s illness and not sleep for 6 months! Now I rarely have to get up before 8am and my sleep and alertness are great..


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