Time Zone.

So, the other day I was scrolling through facebook and I came across this post…

time zone

and it gave me peace. It made me smile. It basically just reminded me that life isn’t a competition, it’s not about who’s got the best paying job, or who’s had the best life experiences. Recently, I’ve just been comparing my life to so many other people’s. For instance it feels like everyone I know is pregnant at the moment! The worst thing I did recently was flick through linked in and have a look at what people in my year at school, or younger are doing for their careers, and it made me sad. I was looking at all these fancy titles they had, they has proper jobs, they weren’t working in retail like I have been for the last near 6 years of my life. They were working in London, they were climbing the career ladder, they were actually doing important things with their lives!

Well, this particular Facebook post brought me back to reality. So what if I wasn’t miles up my career ladder, so what if I wasn’t on a luxiourious  salary. To be quite honest, when I think about it, I might actually be living a life other people are jealous of. I don’t work in London which means, I don’t have to commute, or I don’t have to fork out double the amount in rent I would have to if I was living in London. I’m 22 and I’m married, how many other 22 year olds can say they’ve already been married for a year? I have a nice car, in fact me and Ryan both have a nice car, EACH! We don’t have to share which is a luxury to others. I don’t have children, which means I can sleep in as late as I want on my days off, I can be spontaneous if I want without having to think about having a babysitter.

Basically, the grass is always going to look greener on the other side, but in reality, the grass is greener where you water it. So really what i’m saying is. Don’t be so hard on yourself, your life is just a great than other peoples, heck, some people might even be jealous of your life. But, if you do want the life other people have got, then go and get it! It’s not going to appear on a plate for you, work for that promotion, look for a better paying job. However, make sure you make the most of the life you do have, because chances are, in a few years time you’ll be missing the old life you had!


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