The beauty of pregnancy… Or so I thought!

I just want to say before you start reading that this is supposed to be a light hearted post and not a whingey one, I understand there are so many women out there who are trying to conceive and are struggling and I don’t want this to upset anyone. 

So I’ve just come out of my first trimester, and let me tell you, pregnancy is not fun!

I know everyone has different experiences and you shouldn’t just go by how I felt, but man I got a shock to the system.

Before I was pregnant I would tell everyone how I couldn’t wait to be pregnant, that I would probably love pregnancy and it would be amazing to grow a human, because seriously how cool is the human body that you actually grow a new human inside of you?! I thought I would be one of these ladies that just looks so radiant and feels so wonderful all the time. WRONG!!!!

In all honesty the first trimester has been rather unpleasant! Some of you might feel like I’m over reacting because don’t get me wrong, some people get it so much worse and I honestly feel so sorry for them, but it’s affected me in ways too!

First things first, this was a planned pregnancy so as soon as I found out I was pregnant I was over the moon, so luckily there wasn’t much to get my head around. However, I did also think… “What have I done?! I am going to grow a child and then be responsible for it!!!” Those feelings come and go but mainly I’m fine with the idea of being a mother. That’s another thing, for weeks I was thinking “wow I’m going to have a baby” then all of a sudden it hit me and it was more like “hang on… I’m going to be a mother, what does that even mean?!” 

As for symptoms, I’ve gotten off pretty lightly to be honest. The worst one being morning sickness. I don’t know why they call it morning sickness because it should be called all day sickness, and if anything I feel worse at night than I do in the morning! I have been super lucky in the fact that I’ve only actually been sick 3 times, but I have pretty much felt sick all day every day for these first 3 months, and I’m one of these weird people that would actually just rather be sick than feel sick (well at least if you’re sick the sickness feeling stops!), but I knew that I couldn’t force myself to be sick because I  had to look after the little baby that was inside me, so I begrudgingly just carted my sick bowl around the house, knowing full well it was never going to get any use, but it was there ‘just in case’.

Other symptoms I’ve had are heartburn; but a Rennie normally sorts that out, my sciatica has been playing me up, my toilet habits have changed in different ways (I won’t gross you out with details), abdominal cramping, which basically feels like someone is cutting your uterus with a very rusty knife!, my clumsiness is the worst it’s ever been. I have always been a scatty and clumsy person, but I am constantly tripping up or bashing into things and misjudging spaces, pretty much on a daily basis. I’ve had a few bouts of dizziness with one day where I felt like I had my vertigo back and I did actually fall into a wall a few times where I had lost my balance haha! My sense of small has also been through the roof, now I’ve got a nose like a dog as it is, but sometimes the smell of certain foods is so over powering it’s got me running to the bathroom incase (by some miracle to relieve my nausea) that I’m sick (it’s only happened once). Another one is fatigue. Oh.My.Goodness. Now I don’t claim to be the fittest person but I like to think that I’m pretty active in my job so I shouldn’t get that tired. Ha! Apparently a five minute walk from the car to work now has me out of breath and needing five minutes to sit down. Not to mention the amount of times I find myself sitting on a kickstool throughout the day because I just can’t cope with hanging clothes up?!

There have been a few other symptoms but those have been the worst ones or the most frequent. Now I’ve been reading that the second trimester is supposed to be the nice one, you feel more energised, the nausea subsides and you actually start to enjoy pregnancy, which would be wonderful!

Please don’t let this post put you off having a baby (even though I have joked a few times that if I knew I would be feeling this rough I would have waited a bit longer to become a mum!) because although I feel pretty rubbish 90% of the time, I’m still excited by the fact that I am currently growing a human that is half mine and half Ryan’s and that is pretty mindblowing!

That’s enough of me moaning for one day, bring on the second trimester!


2 thoughts on “The beauty of pregnancy… Or so I thought!

  1. I’m not sure I’ll ever be pregnant as it’s taking me so long to find Mr Right or even someone without a criminal record that I will be too old by the time I am ready and will have to have a surrogate. Doesn’t sound like I’m missing that much though from your description…


    1. Haha! pregnancy isn’t all that bad! I keep telling myself I will get a little gift out of it at the end and that it will all be worth it! The first trimester is definitely the worst one though! Once you’re past that it does get a lot better, I promise!


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