Food, glorious food!

So now I’m into my second trimester I have finally got some of my appetite back! For those of you who know me well, you will know that I LOVE food! My instagram is an example of that, because pretty much every other post is of food! Well, in my first trimester of pregnancy, it was pretty darn miserable, because I was never hungry. Well I was hungry, sometimes, but I could never pinpoint what is was that I wanted to eat. I’m a lover of a hot dinner, don’t you go serving me up a salad or a sandwich for my evening meal, because I will turn my nose up at it like it’s poison. Well you can tell what pregnancy did to me can’t you? Yep. I didn’t want any hot dinners. As a matter of fact I didn’t want dinner full stop and I would just about manage some toast or crackers for a few weeks, if I could stomach anything at all that was!

So it’s safe to say I am overjoyed with being able to eat again! As for cravings, the only things I have noticed since becoming pregnant is sausage rolls, pickled onion flavoured crisps and vegetable pies. Not all at the same time though. Sausage rolls was before I even realised I was pregnant and a few weeks after that. Vegetable pies, was quite a regular thing when I didn’t want to eat dinner, but the thought of having a pie just made my mouth water, so I made sure I had plenty of those in stock, and pickled onion crisps, have always been something I have loved, it’s just I want them daily now, rather than every now and then.

I am so glad that I haven’t had any weird cravings, and I hope I never will! I was convinced that when I became pregnant I would end up craving things I hated, like seafood, or cheesy mushrooms! I don’t even know if I would be able to put myself through that kind of torture!


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