The home stretch

So today marks the 3 month countdown for Bean’s arrival! I honestly cannot believe where those last 6 months have gone! Pregnancy for me, has been up and down. Some days I’ve loved it, and some days I’ve felt pretty low, but I can honestly say, I just cannot wait to meet our baby now! […]

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What pregnancy has taught me

Pregnancy can be fun. Pregnancy can also be not so fun. Before being pregnant, I just couldn’t wait until that day came where I would be growing human life inside of me. To be able to go about your day to day life and grow a human, is pretty cool if you ask me. As […]

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The beauty of pregnancy…

So I’m well into my second trimester now, and for me it has definitely been waaaaaay better than the first!  So many of my friends and family said I’ve got the pregnancy ‘glow’, although I’m not gonna lie… I haven’t noticed or felt the glow myself! I’ve got my appetite back, which I’m not entirely […]

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