The home stretch

So today marks the 3 month countdown for Bean’s arrival! I honestly cannot believe where those last 6 months have gone! Pregnancy for me, has been up and down. Some days I’ve loved it, and some days I’ve felt pretty low, but I can honestly say, I just cannot wait to meet our baby now!

3 months still feels so long to go, but I know it’s going to whizz by at the same time! We’ve still got so much to buy! Last week we purchased our pram, and I cannot wait till it arrives! It’s making it feel so real now, and excitement is just taking over!

A lot of people have been asking me how I’m feeling about labour, and in all honesty (at the moment anyway!) the thought of it doesn’t actually bother me. This baby has to come out one way or another, so for me, there’s really no point stressing over it!

If anyone has any tips or advice for a new mum, in any shape or form, I would be so grateful for it, because honestly, I’m probably a little unprepared and going in half blind!

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