‘You’re blooming nicely!’

That’s one of the phrases someone has said to me recently, along with the “when are you due?… Wow that’s a neat bump for a February baby!’. Well let me tell you, that made me feel flipping marvellous! Throughout my pregnancy I have felt like my bump was massive! Some of my friends have even joked that I must be having twins! It seemed to be growing rapidly, and every time I went for my midwife appointments I was always measuring above where they recommend you to be. The biggest measure was my 31 week appointment, where my bump had grown 4cm’s in 2 weeks and was measuring the size of a 33 week bump! Thankfully, I had my 33 week appointment today and there had been no further growth in the bump, so it looks like Bean was just having a growth spurt!






28 Weeks



Considering I am 33 weeks pregnant, and we’ve had Christmas, and I’ve pretty much eaten what I fancied whenever I wanted it, I haven’t put on that much weight! In total I’ve put on 10 Kilos, which is just under 1 and a half stone. But I would like to point out that I haven’t been gorging myself! But on the same note I haven’t been strict with my diet. If i’ve fancied chocolate, i’ve eaten some, if i’ve wanted a takeaway, i’ve ordered one. But I have also been making sure I have been eating proper balanced meals, and had healthy snacks (when someone can rip the bag of pickled onion monster munch out of my hands) with my lunch.

So many people have told me that as soon as I go on Mat leave i’m gonna pile on all this weight, and become the size of a house, but comments like that just make me even more determined to keep that weight off! It’s helped that I have an active job ( I work in retail, and let me tell you… Christmas in retail is mental, and being 30 odd weeks pregnant and battling the mess and the queues is an achievement!) and I have been making sure I drink plenty of fluid so I don’t have any water retention.

So, I’m in my third trimester, and everyone says that they second trimester is the best because you start to feel sore and achey in the third and the first trimester you’re either being sick or just feel sick!, but luckily so far, I have felt really good. Okay, there have been days where I’m absolutely shattered, and my sciatica has been playing me havoc, but who wouldn’t feel sore and achey after an 11 shift on Boxing Day?! I have been determined to not play the ‘pregnancy card’ and just carry on with my job as normal, much to my colleagues horror when they find me up a ladder in the stock room… oops, or when they catch me lifting a box I probably shouldn’t be… But unfortunately, I’m just not that type of person who will happily just sit with my feet up all day (okay some days I don’t get out of bed till 11am, but I did that pregnant or not pregnant… it’s okay to treat yourself once in a while!) I need to be active, I need to be doing something, I need to feel a sense of achievement and be productive! I think that has been one of the factors as to why i’ve managed to stay rather slender.

It’s also just nice hearing nice comments, like ‘you wouldn’t even know you’re pregnant from behind!’ or ‘I can’t believe you’ve only got 8 weeks left, you’re all bump, you haven’t put with on anywhere else!’ when you’re feeling particularly large and uncomfortable.

So far, they only problems i’m really having is getting comfortable in bed, or bending down to put my shoes and socks on, or finding something nice to wear (nothing fits any more and I refuse to pay crazy money on posh maternity clothes that i’ll hardly ever wear!) because some days, you just get fed up of wearing hoodies and tracksuit bottoms (it makes me feel like Vicky Pollard).

So thank you, to all you kind people who have said nice words to me, told me i’m glowing and my hair is looking lovely and glossy (when all i’ve done is actually wash it for the first time in a few days), you really do make my day.


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