Baby incoming!

So i’m in my third trimester, which means that I’m nearly there. The day of Bean’s arrival is imminent, I will finally be meeting my baby! So far the third trimester has treated me really well and I  just want this pregnancy to be over and done with so we can finally meet the little human I’ve been growing for all these months!

My body is already preparing me for sleepless nights, as I am not sleeping very well at the moment! Normally my head hits the pillow and I’m out for the count until the morning. But every night I wake up because I’m uncomfortable or I need a wee, or my leg has decided to cramp up, or I’m being kicked in the ribs! 

I’m praying for a ‘good baby’ who gets into a routine quickly and only cries when they are hungry (and it would be helpful if they weren’t hungry all the time so they don’t cry all the time…). But I’m sure I will manage with whatever type baby we are blessed with!

I’ve started having wobbles every now and then about Bean’s arrival, especially as it’s less than 2 months till our due date, and I still haven’t bought everything that I need to. My hospital bag still isn’t packed (I have made a start but I should really get it finished for peace of mind!). I just can’t believe how quickly this time has come around, but on the other hand, these last few weeks feel like they are dragging! Not long until i’m on Mat leave and I can start nesting properly. I’ve already started getting itchy feet and want to get everything prepared, but to be honest, on my days off all I want to do is relax- after being so busy the last few weeks with Christmas shoppers, and refunds and exchanges galore from all the customers who didn’t like their Christmas presents and really cannot face having to sort through all the junk that- according to my husband I ‘hoard’. 

I’ve now bought my baby birth record cross stitch that I’m going to make for my little Bean, I’m just waiting for my Aida to arrive (cross stitch speak, don’t worry, I didn’t have a clue what an aida was until the other day either!) then I can get it started.

I’ve been reading the most brilliant book ever ‘The Unmumsy Mum‘ to prepare me for the hurricane that is about to become mother hood. It has been such an eye opener for what journey we are about to embark on, and has me in hysterics during my lunch breaks at work (sorry to all my colleagues who I’ve been annoying with all my fits of laughter!). I could not recommend this book enough to anyone who has children, who wants children, or to anyone who is currently pregnant. It’s amazing. It’s an account from one mum to another about all the stress that children can bring you, but also all the joy they bring into your lives. I’m just glad that she’s honest, because it gives you a taste for what parenthood is really like.

I still cannot believe that I am about to become a mother. It is something I have always wanted. To get married and have children young. My dreams and ambitions are becoming a reality and I just feel so blessed. Chances are once the baby has arrived there will be many a blog post where I am having a breakdown and i’m ranting and raving about how fed up I am of pooey nappies and sickey burps, but you should all know by now that I say it how it is. I like to be ‘real’.

Once Bean has arrived, I’m thinking about having a series on my blog which are like diary entries. I’m not quite sure what i’m going to call this series yet, but I know it’s definitely something I want to do.

I can’t wait to share the next chapter with you!


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