The waiting game

So I’m now classed as ‘near term’ which means baby Bean could arrive any day now! I’m now on maternity leave and I’m making the most of sleeping in and resting, along with catching up with friends as I know in a few weeks time life is about to get crazy!

We now pretty much have everything in place for Bean. We’ve put up the cot (we chose a chicco next to me) and the car seat is ready to go… although I should probably have a look at the instructions on how to securely fasten it!

We’ve had our baby shower, where we truly were spoilt with lots of lovely gifts, honestly this baby has more clothes than we do and it’s not even been born yet!

I’ve really noticed a lot more aches and pains in the last few weeks of my pregnancy, I’m feeling so stretched and it’s near enough impossible to get comfortable in bed, and getting out of bed to go to the toilet is becoming a mission in itself! Overall I’m feeling in good health, other than the odd bought of nausea or just being a little bit tired!

We’re so eager to meet this little human now, and I think Bean feels the same way with the amount of prodding I’m getting! Honestly sometimes it feels like I’ve got an alien inside of me!

Well hopefully this is my last update and the next one will be when Bean has made their grand entrance (hopefully not fashionably late if preferable!). So here is one last bump shot to keep you going until then!


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