Welcome Princess Aria!

Finally, the wait was over! Our little bundle of joy Aria Lily Legg was born on Monday 6th March 2017 at 18:12 pm. After a very speedy labour of only 2hrs25 minutes including 32 minutes worth of pushing, our darling daughter flew out and down the bed!

I’m planning to film a labour and birth story video, as it will be easier for me to explain verbally then write it all down, but for me, labour and birth was such a positive experience (although there was a few complications afterwards, but nothing sinister or anything I couldn’t deal with) and I would definitely go through it all again. It is very true what they say, all the pain is totally worth it once you hold that little human in your hands. I would say that giving birth is my proudest achievement, and giving birth is the most amazing experience I have ever been through!

So far Aria has been such a joy to be around. She has such a funny little character already and I love her more and more each day. Whoever says newborns are boring are off their rocker. I could watch Aria sleep all day, she pulls so many funny little faces, and loves sticking her tongue out, normally when she’s on the hunt for milk!


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