#MumLife: Adjusting to a Newborn.

Here is the first post for my new ‘baby related series’ titled ‘#MumLife’. I hope you enjoy this post, and the many more I am sure to write, as I embark on this crazy journey that they call motherhood!

So Aria is 3 weeks old, and let me tell you… it has been an adjustment! Don’t get me wrong, she is such a good baby in comparison to the horror stories I’ve heard about but it really is exhausting being responsible for someone who is so small and needs so much care and attention!

As a newborn babies are pretty easy to look after in the grand scheme of things. You just have to make sure they are fed, have a clean nappy, wind them once they’ve been fed and give them lots of kisses and cuddles. Simple. But who would know how draining it actually is?

There are so many things that come with being a mother to a newborn, and these are just a few to mention.

  1. I am on constant Aria watch. As soon as I wake up I check that she’s in her crib which is attached to my bed. One morning I woke up and she wasn’t there. I quickly turned over and saw she wasn’t in Ryan’s arms either. PANIC! She was actually laying in between Ryan’s legs but I couldn’t see because I was laying down, but in that moment I was terrified! Once I realised where she was an instant wave of calm flooded my body. Phew.
  2. Whenever she’s asleep I’m constantly looking at her making sure she’s breathing, sometimes her breaths are so shallow I have to poke her, in hope that she’ll flinch and I’ll know she’s still alive!
  3. The overwhelming tiredness that hits you when you’re awake for the 3am feed, and you’re looking at your husband who you seems to be blissfully unaware that you are awake and is enjoying his sleep (which of course is not his fault as he is unable to produce ‘Milkies’ from his manly nipples) can really get to you and you can feel so lonely, and also terrified that you might fall asleep mid feed and end up unlatching your child and spraying them in the face with milk, or worse, dropping them!
  4. The days when all your baby wants is you, no one else will suffice for more than 5 minutes. So far we have only had 2 days like this, but these are the days where I have felt the most drained and emotional.
  5. The days when they are having a growth spurt. You literally feel like a dairy cow where you child is constantly suckling at your bosom, whilst you, once again, stare at your own meal going icily cold (I’m sure they know when it’s your meal times, it’s like as soon as they smell food they’re awake, regardless to the fact that you have just finished nursing them 10 minutes ago, in the hope of getting ahead of the game so you can have a hot dinner for once).
  6. The days when it feels like all your baby is doing is constantly filling their nappy, normally before you’ve managed to button up their baby grow after just changing their previous poo explosion.
  7. But even with all of that constant caring and tending to your child, there really is nothing like holding your precious child. That child you have grown in your body for 9 months. The child that is half yours and half your husbands.
  8. Those little eyes that look up at you when you’re nursing them, with their little noises of enjoyment and satisfaction of being fed their mother’s milk.
  9. Those little faces they pull when they are milk drunk, and look so content with their now full belly (which will be ’empty’ in approximately 10 minutes once they have either A) Burped/sicked up their milk. B) Done an almighty blow off that has caused their bowels to now open and fill that clean nappy that was put on them just 20 minutes previously. Or C) Forgotten that they have just been fed for 25 minutes on the left side after their 5 minute power nap, and start shrieking as if they have been starved for a week so you now offer them the right side).
  10. The constant worrying that your child is okay, and wondering if those noises are normal for a baby to make (Aria started making a squeaking noise on her third day of life, and because I hadn’t heard it before I was convinced I had broken one of her bones and she was now squeaking in pain). 
  11. You get so much joy when they smile for the first time (not all smiles are ‘wind’ no matter what people tell you) and get so excited when they start achieving their milestones.

Being a mum to a newborn is draining, but so rewarding. I feel so blessed to have Aria as my daughter, and I can’t wait to see what funny things she’ll start doing next!



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