#TheBoobDiaries: Dear Aria

So I wanted to start another blog post series and this one is going to be all about…Breastfeeding!


Dear Aria…. My love for you is infinite. There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for you. You bring me so much joy, love and laughter. Everyone who meets you falls in love with you too. Those gorgeous blue eyes, and that cheeky gummy grin, who couldn’t love a face like yours?

I feel so privileged to be your mummy, and even more so that I am the one who gives you all of your nourishment! We have been on our feeding journey for 3 months now, and what a 3 months that has been! From the early days when you were like a rabid dog, to now when you open your mouth so wide hoping to get as much breast as possible into that tiny little mouth of yours. Your are such a noisy and greedy eater. The amount of times you are gulping that milk down and you start to choke! Of course I then sit you up to help you clear your airways, only for you to to start crying in indignation that I have stopped your food! Being souly responsible for your growth and nourishment is such a gift, one that I hope many other mothers can have for their own children.

In the last 5 weeks, Daddy has started to give you your evening bottle of expressed milk, so he can too enjoy the wonders of what it’s like to feed you. Having those beautiful blue eyes stare up at us, whilst you slowly finish your feed and drift of into a milk coma is something that I enjoy very much. That daintily placed hand on my breast once you have finished your food, is something you find comfort from. Whilst you feed, you have taken to hitting my chest until I hold you hand. Sometimes when I talk to you, you can’t help but smile up at me, losing concentration at the task in hand, just for one moment.

From that tiny newborn, to that now dainty little 3 month old bubba. I am in awe of the things you can do, and the strength you have in your body, all from drinking my milk. I am committed to letting our journey go on as long as you still need me. But I know, that one day, that responsibility will no longer be just mine. In just a few months you will be able to try real food, and a part of me aches inside, knowing that I won’t be the only thing that is making you big and strong. But for now, I intend to enjoy every feed that we have together.


Lots of love from

Mummy xxxx

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