Mama’s Magic Milk

So far Aria has been exclusively breastfed, with a nightly bottle of expressed breast milk. Breastfeeding is the most wonderful yet demanding and worrying way to feed a child, imo anyway!

When Aria was born I was told she was born on the 50th centile, yet with every weigh in she was getting lower and lower down on that centile and has now ended up on the 9th centile! I was devastated.

When I got her weighed the time before last she was 10lb3oz and the HV recommended I top her up with formula, and to be totally honest, I was angry. Angry that a HV who had looked after us both since Aria was born, who knew how important breastfeeding was to me was so quick to tell me to give her formula. I just couldn’t understand why she had suggested that, Aria was still gaining weight, she was happy, healthy and thriving, so why on earth would I need to give her formula?

Well I didn’t.

I came back from that appointment so let down, upset, angry. A feeling of guilt and like it all rested on me. It was my fault that Aria hasn’t gaining as much as ‘she should’.

I quickly took to one of the breastfeeding Facebook groups I’m part of, explained the situation and got some advice. Well for starters, they had marked Aria on the wrong centile when she was born, she should have actually been on the 25th when she was born, so in actual fact she had only dropped one, not two. I was quickly encouraged to top her up with breast milk if anything, but to just being her to the breast at every opportunity.

In the next 3 weeks Aria fed for longer and more frequently, I assume this was because of the warm weather, but it could have happened anyway.

Well this week I took her to be weighed, and she is now 10lb13oz! The HV (a different one this time) said she had no concerns about her and could see that she was a happy healthy baby.


So for any breastfeeding mummies out there, don’t give up, keep pushing forward and try your hardest. Of course there are times where formula may be needed but most of the time breastmilk will suffice and will help your baby to thrive.

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