The newborn fog

The funny thing about the ‘newborn fog’ is that you have no idea you are in it until you’ve come out of it. Everyone warns you how the first few weeks will leave you feeling confused and tired, but there really is nothing to fully prepare you. The interesting thing is, for me, it wasn’t […]

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Dear Bump…

Never would I think that I would actually miss you. From time to time I find myself reaching down and giving you a rub. Only to be greeted with the fat pocket that remains of what you once were. I miss the movement I used to feel when you were “Bean”, wriggling around doing somersaults […]

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THAT Daily Mail article.

So i’ve just read an article on the daily mail (I know, why did I bother reading such trash?) and I am LIVID. I find it quite hilarious at the fact that this article seems to think that the only need to be a breast feeding mother is if ‘you are living in sub-Saharan Africa with […]

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