Sugar addiction?

As most of you may know, we are now in the season of Lent. From Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday, a lot of people give something up for lent. I myself have never done this. In my faith lent is not compulsory, I do not have a ritualistic religion, I have a relationship with God […]

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Delish food eats!

This post is going to be dedicated to some of the best eats I have had. The Rodeo Burger: A beef burger with bacon on a seeded bun. Served with curly fries and a side salad. Home made Banoffee Pie: A hard biscuit base, topped with a caramel sauce, slices of banana, and the thickest whipped cream […]

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I might have an interest!

So 5 minutes after posting my last post I happened to be browsing Facebook when I saw that one of my friends had ‘Checked in’ to a restaurant, and I suddenly thought, “I know what my passion is… FOOD!” Yep, that’s right I am a food fiend. Food is pretty much my favourite thing in […]

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