Whose beard is that?

A tribute to my wonderful Grandad who’s life we celebrated today. Whose beard is that? Why don’t you know? Its owner is quite happy though. Jokes and laughter, tricks and fun Sometimes for the bus he’d run! Whose beard is that? Why don’t you know? He makes all children’s faces glow With jibes to Grandma, […]

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It all went a bit quiet…

Over the last year and a bit I have been blogging all things ‘From bump to baby’. But there is something that I have not been mentioning in my blog posts, and that is Jesus. So if you are one of my new followers, you probably have no idea that I am in fact, a […]

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THAT Daily Mail article.

So i’ve just read an article on the daily mail (I know, why did I bother reading such trash?) and I am LIVID. I find it quite hilarious at the fact that this article seems to think that the only need to be a breast feeding mother is if ‘you are living in sub-Saharan Africa with […]

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Where do I even start?

I have so much I need to get down on (virtual) paper. But no idea where to start. What do I even want to say? Do I even want/need to write it? I’m in a funk and I don’t know how to snap out of it. All I’ll say is. There is a lot more […]

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Body Blues…

So I am now 9 weeks post partum, and the body blues are real! I am fed up of having the new wobbly tummy, these chunky thighs, and quite frankly, I am sick and tired of having to wear frumpy clothes! I have never really had any real major concerns with my body, yes there […]

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Baby incoming!

So i’m in my third trimester, which means that I’m nearly there. The day of Bean’s arrival is imminent, I will finally be meeting my baby! So far the third trimester has treated me really well and I  just want this pregnancy to be over and done with so we can finally meet the little […]

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‘You’re blooming nicely!’

That’s one of the phrases someone has said to me recently, along with the “when are you due?… Wow that’s a neat bump for a February baby!’. Well let me tell you, that made me feel flipping marvellous! Throughout my pregnancy I have felt like my bump was massive! Some of my friends have even […]

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