The mental side of motherhood

Having a baby changes your life. You know this throughout pregnancy, you know to expect it to be hard at times, you mentally prepare yourself in those 9 months. You mentally prepare yourself for the labour and birth. You think about how you will cope with the pain. You know that it’s going to change […]

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Juggling the load.

So it’s been quite a while since I’ve written a blog post, but for once it’s not because I’ve forgotten this existed. It’s because I have either had no time or no motivation. Since December I’ve gone back to work part time. It’s still a work in progress trying to juggle the whole working Mum […]

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Labour and delivery part two.

See part one here. After the contraction had finished, I hobbled as quick as I could back to my bay. Once I stepped inside the curtains, I started crying. I was doubled over and leaning over the bed. By this point Ryan had had enough of me being fobbed off with paracetamol (oh and I […]

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10 Top tips for new parents

Have a routine, for you! Having a routine is so important, it helps you through the days, especially the early ones where you are in that newborn fog and you can’t see wood for the trees. It’s near enough impossible to have a time scheduled routine, so just stick to a series of events you do […]

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Maternity leave: The reality

Before I went on maternity leave, I had an idea of what I thought it might be like. Well let me tell you, it was very different to what I had in mind. So I present to you… Maternity leave: Expectations vs Reality Expectation: I am going to get so much reading done, I’ll buy […]

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