‘You’re blooming nicely!’

That’s one of the phrases someone has said to me recently, along with the “when are you due?… Wow that’s a neat bump for a February baby!’. Well let me tell you, that made me feel flipping marvellous! Throughout my pregnancy I have felt like my bump was massive! Some of my friends have even […]

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The home stretch

So today marks the 3 month countdown for Bean’s arrival! I honestly cannot believe where those last 6 months have gone! Pregnancy for me, has been up and down. Some days I’ve loved it, and some days I’ve felt pretty low, but I can honestly say, I just cannot wait to meet our baby now! […]

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Get up and go!

This is something I have been seriously lacking in, in the last 2 months or so. I’m not sure if my pregnancy is to blame, but I definitely think it’s a factor. For me, so far, pregnancy has been tiring and to be perfectly honest, bugging me at times. I wasn’t feeling myself, I get […]

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Time Zone.

So, the other day I was scrolling through facebook and I came across this post… and it gave me peace. It made me smile. It basically just reminded me that life isn’t a competition, it’s not about who’s got the best paying job, or who’s had the best life experiences. Recently, I’ve just been comparing my […]

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I’m wide awake!

Have you ever been so tired you literally feel like a zombie? You can walk and talk but it just feels like you’re in a constant daze? Well that was me this time last year!  Every morning I woke up and felt like I hadn’t slept a wink which was weird, because chances are I […]

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Sugar addiction?

As most of you may know, we are now in the season of Lent. From Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday, a lot of people give something up for lent. I myself have never done this. In my faith lent is not compulsory, I do not have a ritualistic religion, I have a relationship with God […]

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Marriage 101

So it’s been almost a year of being Mrs Legg and I really don’t know where that year has gone! I’ve learnt so many things since being a wife and living with someone and thought I would let you all know what I’ve learnt and some tips for living with someone! Choose your battles- when […]

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God is good!

I have been feeling really overwhelmed with the household finances latest, and have been adjusting to taking a pay cut from work and being paid at a different time to the month and a different time to Ryan. It has only been 2 months but I have felt a real struggle to readjust and get […]

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