McBusted- Omfg Tour 2014

**This may contain spoilers**


It was THE best night ever!!! I felt like I was 11 years old again, screaming my head off like a nutter, in total awe of 6 men. I saw McBusted on the 25th April at the London O2 arena, and let me just tell you it was such a well performed show! They kicked off the show with a VT about them “going back to the future” which then involved James and Matt descending onto the stage in a car from the ‘Back to the future’ film. What an epic way to enter! They started by singing Air hostess which was one of my all time favourite songs. Half way through the show they all went off stage for like an intermission where they showed us another VT. After said VT the 6 of them then descended into the middle of the arena on nothing less but a UFO! They all had flashing guitars, Harry (drummer) was on a turntable and they came down singing star girl. After a few songs on the UFO they went back to the stage and were shot up from underneath to the track beginning of Thunderbirds.

Most of the set list were Busted songs, which I wasn’t complaining about because I was a hardcore Busted fan, and back in the day I hated McFly because I thought they were copying Busted! (I came to my senses and went to see McFly 2 years ago at Hammersmith Apollo). They finished the set withYear 3000 where they had an inflatable triple breasted bosom hanging above the stage, which was a great stage prop.

During the show they had many awesome props such as a T-shirt gun, which was pretty awesome! A McBusted sign which was lit up in flames, and Matt also came on stage wearing a wedding dress for Crashed the wedding.

All in all, it was such an amazing performance, and I am so glad I was able to go and relive my childhood all over again. It’s also safe to say Ryan did enjoy himself, and he’s now no longer a concert virgin, yay!

Here are a few pictures (sorry about the quality!)




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Three Girls and a Wedding- Rachel Schurig *Review*

*This contains spoilers*

So I finished reading this book yesterday, and just like the first book, I wasn’t overly impressed. You might be thinking ‘why did she read it if she didn’t really like the first book?’ and the answer to that is this… I am one of those people that if they have read something that is in a series, or have watched something in a series or has a sequel, I feel obliged to read/ watch the others just to give it a chance and to see what actually happens.

The problem I had with this book that it was in Jen’s perspective. It didn’t bother me it was Jen, because I quite liked her character, but for the first few chapters of the book I was still reading it as if Ginny was telling the story which made it a bit confusing for me! One of the things I did like though was that you found more out about Jen. In the first book she comes across as this well put together business woman, who know shwta she wants and can take complete control of a situation. But in this book it showed me that she did have stuff she was hung up about on as well. She wasn’t one of these characters which is so unrealistic, and makes you feel crappy because you wonder why you aren’t perfect like she is. You could see she actually was human!

However, like the first book, it was very predictable.  She meets a character called Matty in this book, and from the first scene he was in you could just tell she was going to get together with him. There was another guy involved, Jason. Who you thought at first might be the one she got together with (in the first chapter, after that you realise the author most definitely wouldn’t put her with that pig!). However, in the book she did end up going on a few dates with Jason, much to my annoyance because it’s the typical situation of a smart clever woman, getting together with an egotistical, chauvinistic pig!

All in all I would rate this book a 3/5. It wasn’t the best, but again it is one of those light reads that you can actually relax whilst reading, which is often a lot nicer than reading quick time because you are desperate to find out whats going to happen, however by doing this you often don’t fully concentrate on the minor details.

Three Girls and a Baby- Rachel Schurig *Review*

*This contains spoilers*


So, I recently treated myself to the Kindle Paperwhite and I absolutely love it! I have always loved reading, however since i’ve been working full time and since being with Ryan I haven’t really had time to sit down and read, or I have just found other things to do to busy my free time. So I thought that if I bought a Kindle it would make me read again, and so far so good! Since having the Kindle for a little over a week now I have managed to read 2 books, and i’m already on my third! So I thought I would take this time to review the last book I finished reading, here it goes…


So overall I would rate this 3/5 stars. I have decided to give it that rating, because honestly, the book was pretty predictable! Okay, it’s a Chick-Lit and you can’t really expect a lot from it but I think there have been so many other books with romance in that have been a lot better!

The main plot for this book is about a girl who fell in love with her High School sweetheart, then the usual happens where they break up and she’s so heart broken, then she falls pregnant after having one last night with him. When she finds out she puts off telling him and when she finally decides to tell him she can’t get through to him because he has changed his number and moved away. Anyway, to cut a long story short, she ends up having the baby and starts raising him on his own, and then in true Chick-Lit style, he comes back into her life and the end up getting back together. Now that is something that really annoyed me about this book. During the course of the book the main character (Ginny) grows up a lot, matures a lot and basically just proves to herself that she is a strong independent woman, which is fabulous! But then the book really let me down when she got back together with her ex. Fair enough I would have liked to see him come back into her life to meet his child, but I think it’s a bit unrealistic for them to get back together.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good read because it has quite a few laughs in it (maybe not laugh out loud but it did make me smile!) and is generally a good book, but it’s not one of the best books I have read. Saying that though, I am continuing with the series by reading the next book ‘Three Girls and a Wedding’, so I will let you know what I think of that!



The Hunger Games: Catching fire – review

So I went and saw Catching Fire the other week and it was fair to say that I was actually a little disappointed with them film. I would call myself a hardcore fan, but one who has been a bit lacking recently due to work and other such things. However, I really felt that it didn’t stay as true to the book as it could of. Don’t get me wrong, it was good. It just wasn’t what I was expecting it to be like. Considering this is my favourite book out of the series for me, I thought that the Hunger Games, was so true to the book, it was such an amazing film I couldn’t get enough of it. But with Catching fire I’m not at all bothered whether or not I go to watch it again at the cinema, or even buzzing for the DVD to come out.

I felt like the build up to the 75th Annual Hunger Games was longer than the actual time spent in the arena. I felt like there wasn’t much sense of time, or more to the point, it felt like they were in the arena for just over a day, when really it was a few days. Yes, the acting was exceptional, yes the characters were portrayed just like they are in the books, but I felt there were a few throw away comments in the film that most people wouldn’t understand if they hadn’t read the books. I think for me it just lacked detail. I know it must be so hard to cram in so much from a book, but if it had been me, there are definitely a few scenes I would have cut out so that I would then have been able to add more detail into other places. I am yet to read the books for the third time, but I am putting it off in fear that it will make me dislike the film even more than I already do!

Let’s just hope that Mockingjay is just done a bit better, hey!

Ke$ha- Talented v Trashy

I feel like a traitor for saying this, but who better, than one of her fans to write this review on Electro-Pop, singer/songwriter Ke$ha.

It has come to my attention that the Tik Tok singer has developed her music by writing heavily sexualised and provocative lyrics. As a fan myself, I have always loved Ke$ha’s free spirit attitude, and her hunger for fun, but recent lyrics from her song $leazy, have really put me off the singer. An example of her lyrics- “Rat tat tat tat on your dum dum drum, The beat so phat, gonna make me cum”. Personally I am quite upset that someone who I looked up to has been acting in such a way. These lyrics do not have to be removed completely, as she also has some very funny lyrics, which would suffice nicely, such as ‘I don’t wanna see your mangina’.

She has done well within the music industry so far, managing to stay at number one in the billboard chart for her latest single We R Who We R for 8 weeks running, and it would be a shame to put that in jeopardy because of her new lyrics.

Unfortunately, if this behaviour carries on, I may just have to ‘dump’ her, because I want to remember her for being fun and whacky, not just down right ‘$leazy’.