Full Steam Ahead!

So recently the wedding planning has been a bit quiet, which has been great but has also worried me quite a bit. I was starting to feel like I wasn’t doing enough and I would run out of time to get everything done. I also had the typical blip everyone has when it comes around to the budget and were we going to stay in it? Would we be able to find the money? But I am once again back on my feet and feeling a lot calmer with that side. It has definitely helped by getting a promotion at work which also means a pay rise, which is very handy at this moment in time!

So for the last few weeks I’ve felt like I have done next to nothing when it comes to planning the wedding, but realistically, that’s because we pretty much got everything done in the first 2 months! All that’s really left is the little things, and then just paying everything off. So let’s have a quick round-up of what we’ve got done so far:

Purchase wedding dress- Check!
Find the venue- Check!
Book the photographer- Check!
Send out the invites- Check!
Organise wedding insurance- Check!
Book registras and give notice of marriage- Check!
Order bridesmaid dresses- Check!
Sort out bridesmaid bouquets- Check!
Purchase rings- Check!

So with all the main bits out-of-the-way we don’t really have much left to do! The cake is currently under discussion with the cake maker, Ryan’s stag do has been under talks and arrangements are being made, Ryan is organising a day out to find his suit and the ushers suits and I just have to find some shoes, figure out how I want my hair and get the last few decorations!

It honestly feels so good that we managed to get so much done in the beginning so that we have time to relax in the last few months leading up to the wedding!

I am now daily starting to think about the ceremony itself and what it’s going to be like when I actually become a wife and what responsibility that will bring with it! I honestly can’t wait!

We have lift off!

So in the last few weeks, wedding plans have been in full swing and I really cannot believe how much we’ve gotten done!

I have now purchased my dress! It was the first dress I tried on, but I tried on a few others to make sure it was the one. My mum was very emotional that day and was crying before I had even come out of the dressing room! My dress is top-secret and I am giving nothing away, only the bridal party get the privilege of seeing the dress! We have now paid deposits for the wedding photographer and the venue, reserved a date with the registra and next on the list is to get wedding insurance and the invitations!


It is safe to say I am starting to get a little stressed with it all now, as I have had a couple of nightmares about the wedding day already! Hopefully they stop because I really want to enjoy the run up to the wedding, but at the moment I’m just feeling a bit overwhelmed!

I have now asked the majority of the bridesmaids if they would like to be one, and now only have one more left to ask. I have also had the privilege of being asked to be bridesmaid for one of my bridesmaids who will be getting married 4 months after me, and she bought her dress from the same place I got mine!

It has been really nice to have one of my best friends being engaged and planning a wedding the same time as me, because she understands the stresses I’ve been going through and it’s been nice to help each other out.

200 days and counting!

Blushing Bride To Be

So it’s been over a month since i’ve posted and what a month it’s been! I have really got into the swing of wedding planning, and managed to get so much done! So in the last month I did the ritualistic act of buying bridal magazines and sift through them, on my own and of course with some of my bridesmaids. I’ve asked a couple of my friends if they will be bridesmaids, and have a couple more to ask! Myself and Ryan have been to FIVE wedding venues, yes you heard right, five! We’ve have found my potential wedding venue and reserved a date, eeek! We’ve met with photographers and booked them. I’ve created a pinterest board full of inspiration for the wedding. Browsed possible honeymoon destinations. Chosen the colour theme. Created a wedding folder full of all the information i’ve gathered so far, with every single item being budgeted for, and of course a to-do list. We’ve bought some of the table decorations and I’ve favourited so many invitation designs and bridesmaid dresses! I’m actually surprised with how organised we’ve actually been!

The next thing on my list is to go dress shopping! I cannot wait to try on some beautiful gowns, and i’m going to be really strict and make sure I don’t try on any dresses too far out of my budget through fear of falling in love with one way out of my reach!

It’s only just sunk in that i’m engaged and going to be married by next year! I’ve actually been feeling really emotional about it lately. Good emotional though. I’m pretty sure i’m going to be wreck on the actual day, i’ve already had a dream about struggling to say my vows through too many tears!

With the lead up to the wedding me and Ryan have both decided to create a Youtube channel and upload vlogs and various videos which will be wedding related mixed with every day life, so watch out for that!

If anyone has any tips for us, or any advice please let us know!