I’m a real adult now!

For some reason I have never felt confident in telling other peoples children off. I don’t mean in a particularly nasty way, but just in general. Even being a manager at work I have found it difficult to tell naughty children off, who may be scaling the jean wall bay, or climbing up on top […]

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Day 256 of motherhood 

Today I write this post from the ‘breastfeeding chair’. The chair I spend most of my time in the middle of the night to try and soothe my crying baby. Tonight I HATE this chair. Tonight I wish I had never started breastfeeding or gone on for this long. As you may know, Aria is […]

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Famous last words 

“I’m really going to make sure I make the most out of my maternity leave”. Next joke… don’t get my wrong, the first couple of months I made sure our weeks were fun filled and we were out of the house pretty much everyday. But now… our days are pretty much playing on the rug […]

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Who am I?

At the moment I am Mummy. But I seem to have forgotten I am also Holly, a wife, a daughter, a granddaughter, a niece, and a friend. Having a baby just consumes your whole life. You are always referring to yourself as Mummy so that is who you are. When your baby is this young, […]

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Order is restored…

Even if it is only temporarily, Aria has been sooooo much better to settle at night time. No more crying when we put her in her cot, no more crying when we leave the room. A happy, content little munchkin who is soon off into the land of nod!  “How long will that last?” I […]

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It finally happened…

So remember that blog post I wrote about Mum Guilt? Well, it’s finally happened. My ‘Easy going’ baby has now turned my life upside down! My normally fabulous sleeper, self settling miracle, never upset about anything, has finally shown me what mum life is really about. Unpredictability. Bed time has been a nightmare recently, whether it’s […]

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